Mineral Cravings

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  • Travertine and marble: mineral materials, now seen more and more frequently in interior design, which bring character and a timeless fe

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    Mineral Materials
  • Milan, birthplace of design and architecture, is a cinematographic city. The Socialite Family shows you how to adopt the Milanese style.

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    Adopt the Milanese Style
  • Style, size, material, shape: how do you choose the right coffee table? The Socialite Family is here to help you answer this crucial question for your home.

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    How do you choose the right coffee table?

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I am passionate about today's families and the new generation of parents, they interest me and inspire me.

Constance Gennari
Founder and Artistic Director



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Constance Gennari, a children's fashion journalist and, later, an art buyer for an advertising agency, founded The Socialite Family in 2013. As a mother of two children, she carefully observed the changing lifestyles of a new generation of parents. With her camera and notebook in hand, Constance decided to meet these contemporary families and offer her readers "a sample of smart and cool families".

With these inspiring face-to-face encounters through the media, her taste for decor, materials and forms, Constance designs since 2017 pieces of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories, which she develops with the talent of The Socialite Family's Creative Studio.

Our commitments

Like you, we are passionate about decoration, the history of furniture, materials and design. Like you, we love the nuances, the different periods and the interplay involved in setting a scene, boldly and with personality.

The Socialite Family collection reflects this taste for blends. Our requirement for quality at the right price without intermediaries. Our love of work made by hand, and good quality materials.

Versatile, timeless and elegant pieces of furniture. Inspired by you, for you.

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