Double bed headboard Sogno in ashwood, with cherrywood finish and natural cane

Constance’s Note
It is enough to dress our bedroom on its own: this headboard from The Socialite Family asserts its 1950s Nordic elegance through its natural caning and ash wood structure, which, season after season, loses none of its power.

A distillation of Italian savoir-faire, The Socialite Family's bed Sogno headboard in ashwood, with its cherrywood finish and natural woven cane, draws its aesthetic from the vintage inspirations so dear to us. 

A tale of Italian savoir-faire 

Born of the unique craftsmanship of our factories in the province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy, our Sogno headboard is made lovingly by hand. The craftsmen from the villages in the southeast of the Udine province are acknowledged by the entire profession for the quality of their work. 

Like the Cavallo collection and our Panchina bench, every finish, every centimetre of ashwood and natural woven cane work is the result of several days spent in a specialist workshop. Carpenters and cane weavers have worked together and succeeded in manufacturing and assembling a headboard that is as ergonomic as it is elegant, for impeccable comfort and appeal

Ideal finishing touches for a piece which is both elegant and comfortable 

The Sogno headboard provides the perfect balance between the renowned skills of our Italian craftsmen and a timeless line that will find its place in your home: 

A natural woven cane centre: a material that gives lightness, elegance and comfort to this headboard 

An ashwood frame with a cherrywood finish: a one-piece structure, a guarantee of quality and solidity 

A wall mounting system: a simple and practical fixing so that this headboard can be fitted as quickly and elegantly as possible in your bedroom 

With or without a headrest: it is for you to choose and customise your headboard by adding or removing -- thanks to snap fasteners -- the black faux leather cushion that will accompany your dreams 

A vintage-inspired appeal 

The Socialite Family brand's aesthetic is all about her: Constance Gennari, founder and artistic director, who as a result of her Franco-Italian roots, has acquired a unique talent for blending childhood memories and vintage inspirations

For the Sogno headboard, this is more than ever the case. Drawing on the minimalist lines and materials -- like cane -- of Scandinavian designs of yesteryear, it could adorn your bedroom wall all on its own. Its strong lines are designed to last, rather than please for just a moment. 

The bedroom, the place for a Socialite life 

The bedroom is an important room. We love to spend time there and it is often in bed, in the evening, that ideas start to flow and that we can decipher our day. It is also a rallying point for family life. And family is the DNA of The Socialite Family. The decoration of the bedroom is therefore vital for feeling good, together or alone. 

Eager to start creating a complete world around this essential living space, our design studio has set out to develop the perfect headboard for adults and children alike. Already the perfect place to relax, this bed will become even more so illuminated by the warm luminous halo of our Gioia table lamp, perfect at the bedside, and accompanied by our round Bomboloni cushions.

Double Bed Headboard Sogno, Cherrywood Finish


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Product details
  • - Material of the headboard : ashwood with cherrywood finish and natural cane.
  • - Material of the head rest : black leatherette.
  • - Colour of the headboard : cherrywood finish.
  • - Colour of the headboard : black.
  • - Hanging system : wall hanging system with 2 screws (included in the package). Adjustable height. Add or remove the head rest thanks to snap fasteners.
  • - Fabrication : Italy.
  • - Headboard Dimensions : L170 x h75 x P4 cm.
  • - Headrest Dimensions : L130 x h15 x P6 cm.
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