The Socialite Family, the label for home decoration

After years of experience as a media trendsetter, our passion for interiors and the way people live in them has become so strong that we have decided to build upon it by designing our own decoration and lifestyle pieces. For you, for us.

Putting our expertise as a key player in decoration and the art of living to work in designing for you is an ongoing challenge. It ensures we keep our eyes open and are curious about everything. Every line, every finish involved in our models is designed to last and to fit in with the concept of being mobile and flexible in your home. With The Socialite Family, you will find the perfect piece to complete, spotlight, or simply create your interior design.

It is also a lifestyle

The Socialite Family is a furniture, lighting and lifestyle accessories brand. So, live a Socialite life! Take to the streets with your shopping trolley, take inspiration from our book, the Deco Guide, for your interior design! We like to take care of you!

Experience the sensibility and tastes of Constance Gennari, founder and artistic director of our brand, through our products. Thanks to her vintage inspirations, her memories and her favourites, we choose to develop particular pieces alongside our design studio while never losing sight of timelessness and quality. The Socialite family lifestyle is all about her.

Through The Socialite Family, Constance Gennari has become the ambassador for a lifestyle that encompasses not only decoration but also a daily way of life. The lifestyle that we endeavour to share with you through our dedicated collection is not just about one world. It's about many. Being "Socialite" is not just about what we own but also about what we give. It is also a look, an approach, an attention to detail

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