Leopard Edition

Leopard Edition

The leopard has always been a part of Constance Gennari's childhood decor, the founder and artistic director of The Socialite Family. Timeless, this animal motif defies any season and rule. Whether as a statement piece or in subtle accents, it effortlessly blends with its surrondings. 

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Impertinent, hypnotic, and diverse, the leopard comes in various interpretations, seamlessly mixing with different materials and colors. It integrates like an essential element in every room for your interior: in the living room, making a grand statement on Rotondo; in a softly lit entryway with Gioia's light, or in a bedroom structured by Leopardo. The leopard continually evolves in our collections, offering you endless possibilities to play with. 

The modernity of The Socialite Family print lies in the ikat effect, a technique made distinctive by the sketch's stroke. Woven from a cotton jacquard in an Italian manufacturing facility in Lombardy, it is as unique as it is fiercely delicate. 

Explore our creations adorned with this animal print, a genre classic that one dares to embrace with closed eyes. 


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