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The Socialite Family has been working for many months now to create its own signature fragrance. A unique scent, enclosed in the heart of our Panarea candle. A decorative object in its own right, complete with its ceramic container, this, our first fragrance experience is designed to last. Even when the candle is all gone.

Panarea, our first fragrance story

Panarea tells the story of a volcanic island off the coast of Sicily. A place of legends that titillates your senses and ends up enveloping you. So, close your eyes, and imagine a world apart, a world where only the essence remains in your memory. That of myrrh, mingling with black peppercorns, prickly pears, pistachios, capers and so many other wildly bewitching Mediterranean scents.

The Socialite Family 's first signature fragrance, Panarea, springs from the memory of a holiday spent in Italy by our founder and artistic director Constance Gennari. This volcanic island located in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea has given our creation its character... a blend of softness, inspired by the calm of the water, which gives the heart-notes their scents of jasmine - and depth, brought to the top notes by black pepper.

The Socialite Family: the art of living

For The Socialite Family , the art of living is all about emotion. It's what you touch, see and smell. A whole lifestyle for which we strive to design furniture, lighting and accessories that move you. Creations we enjoy offering, and you will enjoy owning.

Our Panarea candle can be placed and moved around as you wish. It is lovely to look at and smell, but its beautiful multi-purpose container means you can also give it a second life.

A story of European savoir-faire

A product of the combined expertise of our Portuguese and French workshops, our Panarea candle is made by four different hands.

Portugal has distinguished itself throughout our collaborations for the richness of its resources and the quality of its workmanship. Having worked the marble for our Carlotta coffee table, now it is time for our ceramics to pass into the expert hands of these professionals. The material used for our Panarea candle's precious pot is distinguished by its robustness and finesse. It features shades of green and blue, with a touch of gold.

This story of our encounters continues in France. Constance Gennari worked hand-in-hand with laboratory technicians for many weeks to develop a fragrance that reflects the spirit of The Socialite Family. The result is a unique perfume. A signature fragrance, contained in a blended wax whose semi-mineral, semi-vegetative formula incorporates new generations of components.

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Scented candle Panarea

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Product details
  • - Materials : Ceramic, Wax
  • - Caracteristics : green ceramic container and mixed wax.
  • - Weight : 240g.
  • - Fragrance : notes of myrrh, black pepper, jasmine and fig.
  • - Burning time : can burn for up to 50 hours.
  • - Manufacturing : Portugal for the container, France for the wax.
  • - Dimensions : h9 x Ø7,8 cm.
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