The Socialite Family Matches Sandalwood

Sandalwood oil scented matchbox, dressed with the ochre pattern designed by the artist Victor Cadene in a limited edition for our Socialite Christmas. Also available in 2 other fragrances: tuberose and wood fire.

Drawing on the colors and Art Deco inspiration of colorist artist Victor Cadene, The Socialite Family has created a limited edition series of objects called Socialite Christmas. Developed around a luxurious and authentic hand-made irregular pattern straight out of the creator's imagination, it takes us back to his first love: ornament and colour. Evoking an antique jewel, it comes to languish on the long boxes whose hue corresponds to the smell of fragrant matches. A refinement that accompanies an elegant, graceful gesture that changes the atmosphere of a room with a single rub. A soft melody that already lets us imagine ourselves close to a fire in the family or at our office, lit only by the light of a The Socialite Family candle.

Dimensions: 220 x 65 x 22 mm

Scent: Sandalwood, also exists in the scent of Tuberose and Firewood.

Colour: ochre

Composition: about 40 long matches

Manufacturing: Germany

The Socialite Family
The Socialite Family Matches Sandalwood

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