Eggshell paint - Dora - The Socialite Family for Mériguet-Carrère Paris

For our palette of matt paints, we have created three families of three colours, which you can combine as you wish, and inspired by the artistic movements and most influential figures of this period. RealistsModernistsDadaists, let yourself be captivated by these colours you can compose yourself!

The Socialite Family and Mériguet-Carrère Paris, a collaboration that celebrates colour and contrast 

Since the 1960s, Mériguet-Carrère Paris has been offering unique ranges of paints that draw upon their inherited expertise in the traditional skills of the seventeenth century. Original colours of high-quality composition, developed in compliance with the most demanding environmental standards, and which guarantee excellent covering power for ease of application and top-quality finishes.

Born from a shared desire to blend our two worlds and the excitement of creating new grounds for expression, our two companies have joined forces to devise a limited palette and identity that tells a story. It's a story about three families of colours with evocative names - Realists - Dadaists - Modernists - each composed of three shades that sit alongside each other perfectly. A ready-made solution, to seize upon, or to experiment with on your own. And complemented by a textured paper with a roughcast effect that adds even more interest to your walls.

The Dadaists, three non-conformist colours for decor balanced between boldness and softness. 

The Socialite Family was keen not just to offer you a range of colours, designed in collaboration with the Parisian brand to help you decorate your home but also to advise you on colour associations. RealistsDadaists and Modernists: each of these colour families is composed of three matt paints named after the artists and designers who made their mark on this period. An association between colour and creativity, emanating from the vision of the founder and artistic director of our brand, Constance Gennari.

The most daring will be drawn to the Dadaist family. Strong, unconventional colours that will bring originality and softness to your interior through a palette made up of:

Marcel (Duchamp) almond green. A pioneer of Dadaism, this astonishing retro colour plunges us into this avant-garde period!

Salvador (Dalí) brick red, which transports us to the Catalan lands that so inspired this colourful artist!

Dora (Maar) eggshell white. Dora was a photographer, known to have been Picasso's wife and muse. A soft, pale face that the Spanish artist brought out in his portraits of her with a warm, almost ivory white.

In our collection, the part played by the materials is as important as the colours, and we have designed a textured paper that you can paint as you please, to add a 1970s feel to your interior. To guide you throughout this transformation, our colour chart (designed by family) will inspire you and help you visualize your project more clearly.

Our paints have been designed to ensure easy application while maintaining superior quality. Before starting work on your creation, first, apply a tinted universal acrylic undercoat (if necessary) and allow the paint to dry for five to six hours between coats. Don't hesitate to "top up" each paint application sufficiently to achieve good coverage. Be sure to mix the paint thoroughly to ensure the uniformity of the colour. For best results, use the recommended micro-fibre rollers. You will be able to cover a surface of 15 to 18 square metres in two coats depending on the absorbency of the surface.

Caring instructions

Easy to clean.

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Dora paint - Shade n°005 "The Dadaists" - Eggshell white

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Product details
  • - Colour : eggshell white.
  • - Finish : matt finish.
  • - Packaging : 2.5L jar - ideal for covering between 15 m² and 18 m² in two layers.
  • - Decorative advice : to be combined with almond green (Marcel) and/or brick red (Salvador). To bring depth to your walls, use our textured painting paper.
  • - Application tips : Please refer to the technical information at the bottom of the descriptive text.
  • - Type of paint : interior decorative paint recommended for walls, woodwork and ceilings. Product ready to use.
  • - Indoor air emissions : A+ classification.
  • - Specific features : collaboration by The Socialite Family for Mériguet-Carrère Paris.
  • - Manufacturing : France.
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