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Discover our textured plaster-style paper. A textured finish that completes our range of paints and our signature colour palette designed and signed by The Socialite Family for Mériguet-Carrère Paris. You can paint it or leave it as it is, to achieve subtle plays of shadows and materials. 

The Socialite Family and Mériguet-Carrère Paris, a collaboration that celebrates colour and its contrasts.

Firmly linked to The Socialite Family since its establishment - in 2013 - colours and materials play an essential part every day in our collection of furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures. Developing a palette of colours and a textured paper specific to our identity was, for us, an essential and obvious next step towards helping you even more in the composition of your interiors.

Since the 1960s, Mériguet-Carrère Paris has been offering unique ranges of paints drawing upon their inherited expertise in the traditional skills of the seventeenth century. Original colours of high-quality composition, developed in compliance with the most demanding environmental standards, which guarantee excellent covering power for ease of application and top-quality finishes. 

With a shared desire to blend our two worlds and the excitement of creating new grounds for expression our two companies have joined forces to devise a limited palette with an identity that tells a story. It's a story about three families of colours with evocative names - Realists - Dadaists - Modernists - each composed of three shades that blend together perfectly. A ready-made solution, to follow or to experiment with on your own. And complemented by a textured paper with a roughcast effect that gives even more life to your walls.

Bringing colour to life with a variety of textures created by a paper with a roughcast plaster effect.

At The Socialite Family, the way a material behaves is as important as the play on colours! In creating these three paint families, a textured paper was essential. We designed this wallcovering with the help of Mériguet-Carrère Paris. A textured plaster effect with a handcrafted feel, which brings a 70s spirit to your interior.

On the four walls of your entrance hall, or simply on the cupboard doors or in your hallway, the possibilities are endless! Give free rein to your creativity and bring some original styling to your interior as contemporary meets artistic.

A wall covering to set the tone for your decor!

This embossed paper will let you create a textured effect on one or more of your walls. Hang it carefully on a clean, pre-washed wall, just like a classic paper, using white upholstery glue. Once it has been applied and the glue is perfectly dry, it's over to you.  Play around with our three colour families - each composed of three shades - with the help of our colour chart! 

Painted, our paper will breathe life into our palette thanks to the play of light and shadow. Alternatively, left unpainted, it will bring a uniquely personal touch to your living space. It's up to you to combine, to alternate... in a word: to compose! Your home and interior are the reflection of your personality. Be daring, give free rein to your imagination, and be even more inventive!

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The Socialite Family
Textured paper to be painted

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Product details
  • - Colour : white.
  • - Material : FSC mixed certified paper from responsible sources
  • - Decorative advice : a textured paper that will bring relief to your walls, a spirit of craftsmanship and roughness that it will be up to you to colour with one of the paints in our range or to leave as is, at your convenience.
  • - Application tips : applied with a cellulose glue to be applied on the reverse side of the paper and then laid on a dry surface. It is imperative to wait for perfect drying before painting over it. Detailed technical data sheet from shop@thesocialitefamily.com.
  • - Finish : plaster effect.
  • - Specific features : collaboration by The Socialite Family for Mériguet-Carrère Paris.
  • - Manufacturing : Germany.
  • - Dimensions : sold in a roll, total width of 52 cm and total length of 10 m.
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