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With its check motifs featuring fine black lines - a nod to school exercise books - our Scula curtain brings back memories of childhood. To be used without moderation, for an interior design that is bursting with memories.

Scuola is the attractive curtain from The Socialite Family, made from 100% linen. A natural material with a delicately graphic aesthetic that will dress your windows, for a more contemporary finish.


Scuola, the regressive curtain


Scuola is the lightweight curtain from The Socialite Family that really takes you back. A check curtain with an airy look, to be hung in a bedroom, a lounge or even a kitchen, where its tablecloth appearance will provide an aesthetic surprise for anyone visiting your home!

With its check motifs featuring fine, black lines, our Scuola curtain is reminiscent of the pages of school exercise books. A curtain to be made use of, without holding back, for that old school decor you have been looking for. Its natural, ivory-coloured fibre allows the sun's rays to filter through, creating a subtle light effect, for a beautiful and soft interior that provides privacy without blocking out the sunlight.

Our incredibly lightweight model, which is made in France and boasts a delicately graphic aesthetic, is a true decorative addition that will add a touch of personality to a room, with its natural fibre in an inimitable style.


Made from 100% linen


Made from linen and featuring a check pattern, our Scuola curtain creates a beautiful material effect to dress up your interior spaces. A unique blend of authenticity and natural design that, over time, has become a genuine must-have interior design piece.

Since its introduction to our interior design range, linen has continued to charm us. Every season, this natural material, with its perfect finish, finds its place in our interiors! Featuring a fine black stripe in our Portofino model, linen becomes a real decorative showpiece thanks to the checks on our Scuola curtain.

Very elegant, linen offers an inimitably aesthetic fall that evokes both the countryside and the seaside, but that can also adapt to a more urban style, as a means be which to diffuse soft light into a room.


Curtains that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


At The Socialite Family, our desire is to create curtains that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Models featuring an elegant drape, which can dress a window or even an entire section of wall, while allowing just the right amount of light to filter through. Are you looking for complete darkness? Go for the Palazzo model, offering enhanced blackout properties. Want to protect yourself from prying eyes, but without blocking out the sun and its rays? Our Scuola model is made for you. Looking for something that falls somewhere in the middle? In this case, it is the Ombra that you need.

At The Socialite Family, curtains are by no means a purely practical accessory - they are a decorative item in their own right! Go ahead and play around with your curtains along the walls of your lounge, your bedroom or even your entrance area, where our linen model will work wonders as a means by which to differentiate between private nooks and areas dedicated to socialising. 

You will have gathered that our designs really look the part in every room in the house, regardless of the interior design style. From the country house to the city apartment, Scuola will create the soft and welcoming ambiance you are looking for.


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Scuola Checked Curtain

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Product details
  • - Colour : natural linen and check pattern.
  • - Caracteristics : curtain sold by the unit.
  • - Finish : hemmed bottom, ready to install. Thermobonding strip furnished with the curtains, to adjust the length.
  • - Fixation : easy to install on your existing rods thanks to a hanging system of a bar with hidden loops integrated into the curtain.
  • - Composition : 100% linen.
  • - Manufacturing : France.
  • - Dimensions : W145 x H300 cm.
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