Bedroom: 5 ideas to reproduce at home

Bedroom: 5 ideas to reproduce at home

Bedrooms are true refuges of intimacy, and it is up to us to take care of the scenography to peacefully cultivate our secret garden. Sleek, maximalist or even romantic, the night area reveals its decorative potential in its mastery of detail. Whether it is through the choice of a headboard made of noble materials, the inventive use of colour as a decor in its own right, or a daring selection of lighting. So many aesthetic codes seen during our visits that we suggest you take inspiration from to instantly awaken the strength of character in your personal suite.


The headboard is the decorative asset that will grace your bed with its good graces. In cane for a retro spirit or in elm burr for its jewel effect, the headboard sublimates your sleeping area for a confidential hotel room atmosphere. It can be combined with a bed linen set in sober colours to let its organic material reveal the beauty of its colour. For the more daring, berlingots or round cushions will titillate its great airs.


Whether two-tone or plain, the use of colour in the bedroom immediately sets the tone. Create a cosy atmosphere by choosing dark shades. A set of claroscuro that will adorn the ceiling of your sleeping area for an enveloping anteroom effect. Combine a deep green or midnight blue with white or metallic sconces for contrast.


Nomadic and ornamental, wall lights can be placed on either side of your bed and replace traditional table lamps. Jewels for your walls that play with the material. In woven rattanplain textile or pleated cotton: combined with shapes that are sometimes geometrical and sometimes girly, these lights play on the contrast with a coloured wall or patterned wallpaper.


For the pleasure of your feet - but not only - the bedside rug is not to be neglected. The patterns and colours of the carpeted version will express their creativity in the bedroom. Fashion-conscious people can opt for leopard print, while colour lovers can choose a solid colour. This will not only make your floor happy, but will also warm it up when you get out of bed.


We know it for its romantic, old-fashioned side. The canopy bed is gradually being desecrated. Improvised on the ceiling, hung with the help of a discreet rail, it is being modernised with the help of light sheers - in linen or cotton gauze - for an airy feel. The canopy is more basic, in corduroy, and imposes its theatrical style, which can be twisted with bright colours as desired. Good pink, almond green and why not a vibrant mustard?


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