Children's bedrooms: 5 decorating ideas to borrow from the grown-ups

Children's bedrooms: 5 decorating ideas to borrow from the grown-ups

Children’s bedrooms are expressive canvases that continually evolve. They are often influenced by their parents’ decorative tastes, but where a softer decor develops over the years into a more refined style that matches a child’s personality and takes on a look of its own. They are intimate rooms requiring attention and care, often inspired by the same winning formulas in their parents’ bedrooms.

Dare to mix up patterns

From the wallpaper to the bed linen, curtains and cot: mix up the prints, just as you would in your bedroom. A floral pattern will seamlessly blend with other motifs, whether retro, graphic or animal inspired. Highlight the overall theme with refreshing pops of colour - emerald green as used by the founder of La DoubleJ or the black in Marianne Fersing’s babies’ room, the result creates overall harmony.

Combine vintage and contemporary furniture

As in our bedrooms, there’s nothing nicer than mixing styles in our kids’ rooms to avoid a bland total look. And this includes the choice of furniture! Pair timeless pieces with bargain-hunted accessories and chairs. The other way around also works just as well.

Work with colour (again)

Think of your interior as a painter would a blank canvas. And apply that idea to your kids’ bedrooms. Colour is key when it comes to creating an immersive setting, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a textile accessory, a wall or the floor. And why not all at once? Use contrasts to your advantage by adding little patterned twists.

Wood, everyone’s best friend

Timeless, soothing, bright. Wood has it all. As embodied by The Socialite Family’s collection, wood can be transformed into anything - furniture, lighting and decorative accessories, cherry wood or a lacquered finish, the possibilities are endless. Raw wood to show off a colour or add balance to an all-over look, a sophisticated finish to enhance a cosy ambience or highlight the room. Using wood never goes wrong.

Create a focus

Sometimes it only takes one element. A bright carpet, a bold panoramic wallpaper, a majestic hut-style bed... The images speak for themselves. And that says it all.