Cotton Gauze Passion

Cotton Gauze Passion

Chapter 1

As the effervescence of spring begins to give way to the bliss of summer, The Socialite Family takes to the road in the Parc naturel régional du Perche to present its new collection. These outings are based around a now flagship material - cotton gauze - and two chapters - the bedroom and the table - which will come to life on 8 and 24 June respectively. Two moments in a story that takes shape in a farmhouse dating from the end of the 19th century, where the natural fibre that is so inseparable from the identity of our household linen adorns the beds in a fresh, muted green and a bewitching brick. Two new colours that can be combined with all the shades in our signature palette to create a cosy nest. A soft touch, visually generous and full of volume, made possible by the evolution, season after season, of this multi-layered Oeko-Tex® certified weave. A technique and a double certification guaranteeing a product of exceptional quality, from our Portuguese workshops. The same workshops that produce our Bambina curtains! Airy curtains that delicately decorate our night spaces and those of our little ones. A play of light and shadow that can be found alongside another new product, the Renato headboard. For sophistication right up to nap time!

Copertina Throw, water green, from €40 | Bambina curtain, creamy white, €69

Pillowcases Como, from € 29

Como bed linen, water green, from € 29 | Nido mustard quilt, € 165

Como bed linen, from € 29

Bambina Curtain mustard, €69

Copertina Rosewood Throw, from €40

Como brick bed linen, from € 29

Renato headboard in elm wood, from €600 | Como bed linen, from €29 | Ciccio cushion, creamy white, €80

Working with natural cotton gauze fibres takes time. This natural material, formerly used for babies' nappies, is as skin-friendly as it is environmentally friendly, soft, and improves over time...


Renato headboard, from €600

Pillowcases Como, € 29

Como water green and creamy white bed linen, from € 29

Bambina white cream curtain, € 69

Como bed linen, from € 29 | Divino cushion in bouclette wool € 50

 Photos : Valerio Geraci - Thanks : Domaine de Ronsard

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