How to decorate a baby's room?

How to decorate a baby's room?


If you don't live in your own bubble, you'll know that the days of the pink bedroom and the blue bedroom are long gone... 

Even so, designing and decorating a baby's bedroom can be a real headache. So how do you combine practicality with aesthetics? The Socialite Family gives you its advice after a visit to sunny Nami Isackson and her husband Quentin.

Nami and Quentin Isackson are expecting their first child and didn't want to move. In their atypical loft, full of charm, with its Japanese accents and mix of materials, they have created a space dedicated to the arrival of the baby.

The rooms are functional and progressive, the colours are plain and cheerful, and the materials are soft and pleasant. Timelessness is the key word here when it comes to decorating the nursery. 

"We think every day about what to do, what to move, what to protect, what to change. We want to keep it pretty, functional and modern. It's not just this child, it's all of us, the whole family. I don't think we should live our lives solely around our children, but with them - as much as we can!

We want to create a space that the child can develop in, that can last. This notion of evolution and durability is essential to our approach. The furniture reflects this: timeless, that can be reused for a lifetime in different places, from a teenager's bedroom to their first flat."

"When the time comes, you can remove the bars from the bed, make it bigger and it will last until it's 5 years old! The Brera The Socialite Family hanging lamp, the cushions, the rug and the curtains are timeless and can all be reused in any room, an office, a living room, a dining room: even new things last with us... "


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