To accompany a back-to-school 2021 bound to be full of exciting events, The Socialite Family is pleased to unveil Flash-back! A collection where sophisticated lines are highlighted by top-quality materials that propel us back to the end of the 1970s: black and camel leather, relief woodwork, and tubular metal that we love to reinterpret throughout the seasons. Characterful combinations, a homage to this generation’s interiors, which are comfy, minimalist but boast plenty of pop. Places that come alive and invite us in – as much to rest as to party! Happy and uninhibited, after months spent at home. A liberation that applies to space, with moveable pieces with calming shapes that reveal your favourite objects as much as they hide them. So that your personality can be expressed as you wish – order one day, dissent another – without filters and most of all without constraints! But also to please the eye, with less colour in order to concentrate more on the finishes. A burgundy that reminds us of lipstick, wool modernised by a graphic chequerboard pattern or even fluted wood. Simply bewitching.

Rotondo sofa and its camel leather pouffe | Firenze rug | Ciccio and Divino cushions

Orso coffee table, in ash with Iroko finish and black lacquer | Brera pending  lamp
Firenze wool carpet with checkerboard pattern

Libera chairs | Carlotta Alta dining table in ash with Iroko finish | Brera pendant lamp in sand colour

Sorella sideboard in cherry wood finish ash | Gioia lamp

Sorella sideboard in black-stained ash and cherry wood door

A liberation that goes through the liberation of space, with itinerant pieces with calmed forms that reveal as much as they hide your favourite objects...


Rotondo sofa in black leather | Ciccio and Divino cushions

Orso Coffee Table | Luna Quadro Carpet | Libera Chairs

Libera chairs (green, mottled grey, burgundy and creamy white bouclette wool) on the Firenze rug

Screen Occhio, burgundy lacquered

Mara shelves, burgundy lacquered

Available online and in shops from Tuesday 14 September 

Crédits Photos : Valerio Geraci

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