4 ideas for the use of curtains when decorating your home

4 ideas for the use of curtains when decorating your home

Apart from being essential for preserving a little privacy in your home, curtains have become a necessary textile accessory that is increasingly being transferred from interior windows to occupy other prime locations. Whether in linen, cotton gauze or velvet - smooth or ribbed - their versatility gives them endless possibilities for other uses. Read the guide.


Need to structure the space in a living room? Start by taking advantage of its drape to turn it into a decorative partition. Fluid and flexible, it allows you to easily and elegantly reorganise your living space. Go for velvet with a thick weave to separate a living room from your sleeping area and preserve your privacy. In the living room and dining room, choose an airy veil whose transparency will separate circulation areas without breaking the perspective.


Curtains are also the perfect way to conceal a door or dressing room. Choose one with colour to create the illusion of a painted wall, or a more imaginative one - gold or silver - to add light to your room. The minimalist among you will prefer a more neutral palette of shades, which will allow the room to retain its impression of size and depth.