Let's Play

Let's Play

Majesty, Beauty and Spirit! For our Christmas photo shoot, we wanted to invite you to a checkers game. A radiant breathing space, showing our most beautiful items alone for the first time. The pieces that make up The Socialite Family brand collection. A no-frills showcase, conceived as a game, immortalised at the heart of an opulent decor that blends time and culture. Taking you on a journey blurring the lines of both time and space. Are we in Italy? France? It doesn’t matter! Let’s head out of our apathy together, let go, dream and…play! Let’s wonder as we discover our new pieces taking over empty spaces in this ornamented palace. Let’s wonder as we discover our new pieces taking over empty spaces in this ornate palace.  Spaces that can boast of meeting our icons within the walls of this unique location, much as they would have done with Bonaparte, Chateaubriand or even Victor Hugo in their time. With the lack of encounters in the age of exhibitions, this unique shoot gives us something we all desperately need at the moment: the assurance that the extraordinary can sometimes be found in simplicity. Exposed, our key pieces have nothing to hide behind. On the contrary. The antithesis of their lavish setting, they affirm their character with minimalism, allowing their potential and their all-consuming desire to live to shine through! We are the orchestrator of this Baroque setting for the end of year festivities, but now ,it is over to you to reinvent by assigning the role and scene of your choice to the numerous The Socialite Family models.

For our Christmas shooting, we wanted to invite you to a game of "Jeu de Dames". A luminous interlude which, for the first time, isolates our most beautiful pieces from (...) 

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