The dining room: your guide to choosing the right seating

The dining room: your guide to choosing the right seating

The dining room is the meeting place for all the family. Throughout the day and again in the evening, young and old alike gather around the table, eager to get together at any time of the day. But what would the heart and soul of your living space be without its seating? Chairs, armchairs, benches and stools are as much about design as they are about comfort and should be chosen with the utmost care. To help you see things more clearly, The Socialite Family reviews three key points to consider before you make your choice.


A dining room seat is, above all, a line. So before you worry about anything else, decide what shape it's going to be. Start by measuring the height of your dining room table. Knowing this will help you decide which type of chair to choose - with or without armrests, a high or a low frame, or perhaps a stool - so that you don't find yourself trapped under the top of the table or restricted in your movements. Once you've taken this measurement, turn your attention to the look of your chair. Are you a fan of a seventies spirit feel or of the more vintage, classic wooden bistro chair? Follow your instincts when it comes to interior design, or have fun surprising your family and guests by mixing styles and genres to create drama in your home. Taking a bit of a risk and mixing and matching will work well if you play with combining materials.


Because it's in use every day, the seating in your dining room needs to stand the test of time. If you want to see it grow old gracefully over the years, choose quality materials that can keep up with the pace of your daily life. If you're looking for softness and sensuality, turn your attention to textiles: textile, curly wool, but also rope or cane. Textures that we at The Socialite Family love to personalise and that you can change to suit your mood. Fans of mirrored finishes will choose timeless steel pieces, while lovers of natural materials will opt for wood - beech with an iroko finish or perhaps walnut - or leather. Two contemporary mediums that are easy to treat and protect and that will develop a patina over the seasons, blending effortlessly with any dining room table. Whether you're a fan of the total wood look or you prefer contrasts, celebrating warm and cool looks with a marble piece.


Our finishes have that special something that enhances the elegance of the seats in your dining room. It's an attention to detail that we at The Socialite Family take very seriously, starting with creating a leg that's out of the ordinary. Like our contrasting, contemporary Cavallo chair, which combines the warmth of cherry-finished ash with brass detailing on the front legs. It's a desire to surprise the eye where it least expects it, and it's also evident in the families seen on our media. Textile inserts on the armrests, delicate edging on the backrests or fashionable leather lacing: all decorative twists that - in their own way - add just the right amount of individuality to your furniture giving your dining room the character it deserves.


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