About us

Like you, we are passionate about decor, the history of furniture, materials and shapes. 

Like you, we love the nuances, the different eras and the play of staging, with boldness and personality.

The demand for quality at the right price without intermediaries.

The love for the work of hand and material..

Pieces of furniture that are mobile, timeless and elegant. Inspired by you, for you.

Who are we?

One media & one brand

The Socialite Family is the first online media dedicated to the decoration and lifestyle of contemporary, urban and connected families.

The Socialite Family is the essential decoration label.

In May 2017, The Socialite Family launches its own decoration brand. With its own in-house design studio, The Socialite Family creates and develops its own collections, from furniture to decorative accessories and lighting fixtures. Pieces inspired by you, for you.

Constance Gennari,

Founder and Artistic Director

Constance Gennari, a children's fashion journalist and then an art buyer in an advertising agency, founded The Socialite Family in 2013. As a mother of two children, she carefully observed the changing lifestyles of a new generation of parents. With her camera and notebook in hand, Constance decided to meet these contemporary families and offer her readers "a sample of smart and cool families".

Italian by her father, eternally elegant and always very elegant, Constance Gennari shares her references with passion. In Milan, the cradle of design, she draws her inspiration and develops her taste for opaline, brass and striated wood. Gino Sarfatti and Carlo Mollino shape her imagination. His mother, an artist, took him to Parisian auction houses and flea markets at a very early age. A theatrical personality who fervently collects and educates Constance's gaze. This ideal of elegance and the importance of craftsmanship permeate The Socialite Family collection.

With these inspiring tête-à-têtes across the media, her taste for decorations, materials and shapes, Constance imagines pieces of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories that she develops with the talent of The Socialite Family's Creative Studio. Quality models, timeless, elegant, resulting from a real know-how, at a fair price, without intermediaries and without resellers.

"In the Socialite family, first there is the Mamma! The one who cooked for the four of us, her children, but above all the one who took us into her madness! From the furniture found in the street below her house at night, to the bustle of the auctions, to the cold of the fleas on winter days. This Mamma, took my brother Paolo, my sister Letizia and me to discover a world of her own with the quest for the singular and beautiful piece as a leitmotif. I remember the long moments waiting for her in the aisles, dressed in our cross-over coats and our English Start Rite playing between the draughts, for hours on end, always very chic. These images come back to me and scroll through my head, these memories of her, watching her collect different styles, and explaining how to recognize handiwork and an era: an Empire style bed one day, crystal glasses another, but also antique carpets. Not forgetting Antonio, the father, always on the lookout for the bargain, in love with women and love. And the Nonna, the dressmaker, ready to make us our most eccentric ballroom outfits! In my family, there have always been big dinners, big refined tables, dressed in antique dishes, coloured glasses and silver cutlery, children combed and playing hide and seek under embroidered tablecloths, accumulated memories, refined furniture with a background of baroque music. What a theatre!

Cara famiglia, I cherish your independence of spirit and your fantasy which has given me a passion for materials, beauty, lines, colours and above all creation."

Constance Gennari

The Socialite Family's Team

Behind The Socialite Family are Constance Gennari (Founder & Artistic Director) and Marianne Gosset (Co-Founder, Managing Director), a complementary founding duo surrounded by a passionate team of thirty people.

Our difference? A brand where everything is developed in-house. From product to content. For months on end, our Creative Studio has at heart to think about the smallest details of the object you will soon have in your hands. From its material to its finish, through the choice of craftsmen, every detail is thought out to offer you a timeless piece.

To be always closer to you, we have chosen to install our offices in the 10th arrondissement, close to our boutique located rue Saint-Fiacre in Paris. This proximity allows us to extend, this time in real life, the relationship we have maintained with you since 2013.


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